The #1 Site For Baseball Content

The #1 Site For Baseball Content

The #1 Site For Baseball ContentThe #1 Site For Baseball ContentThe #1 Site For Baseball Content

Live streams, baseball content 24/7.What are you waiting for? Come Play where the players play! Visit our forums and dicuss!

Full Minors Coming to MLB The Show 20

RidinRosters collaborated with Sony San Diego to implement Full Minors into the MLB The Show 20


Scout Scoops Mission Statement

We specialize in baseball content, baseball scouting service and sports gaming rosters. Patreons will receive exclusive content, videos and exclusive articles and opinion pieces. Ridin has partnered with scouts and insiders as well as sports content creators across all levels of baseball and gaming to bring exclusive content to this format. Depending on the tier will also be able to request content and updates as well as receive content in advance of the general public. Content will be delivered multiple times a week sometimes daily. Ridin has been delivering sports content to thousands of fans a year for over a decade. Ridn has come to be known for some of the best  content delivered to the sports gaming community for years, content used by the Pros themselves. The team here at Scout Scoops aims to give the best and most accurate baseball information that you can use as fans, in fantasy leagues, in online gaming leagues and also in card based leagues. By subscribing to Scout Scoops you are supporting the team to be able to bring more and more content as well as the most accurate content as possible.

Bringing the Game to You

Scout Scoops aims to be the first seevice to cross boundaries betweem real world baseball and baseball gaming in a variety of ways. Our network of athletes, scouts, writers, bloggers, podcasters and video game content creators will provide baseball fans with the ultimate baseball fix.

My Journey From A Fan To A Contributor To The Biggest Basrball Game In The world

I can't remember when I didn't play video games. Baseball gaming has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. I started creating rosters over 20 years ago, always making it about getting them as accurate as possible. Full Minors rosters have grown to over 150,000 downloads plus a year and been featured in articles from Forbes to the Sporting news and in 2020  I collaborated with Sony San Diego to help implement the Full Minors rosters into MLB The Show 20 for The first time ever. Scout Scoops takes the winning formula and creative team and expands on it to create the ultimate content sandbox for baseball fans of all ages. Scout Scoops caters to fantasy fans, real world baseball fans and baseball gamers. Delivering 24/7  baseball content from MLB to MILB to all different leagues.

Scott Spindler is The Founder and CEO Of ScoutScoops Powered by RidinRosters

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